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Paying Too Much Income Tax?

We can legally reduce your taxable income by 30% to 70%...

Are You Paying Too Much Income Tax To The IRS?

If you are a business owner with free cash flows or a high W2 wage earner,

we can legally reduce your tax bill by anywhere from 30% to 70%.

Your Tax Reduction Questionnaire will be delivered via email once an appointment is booked.

We are Tax Deferral Consultants - Tax Strategists and Tax Problem Solvers. 

If you earn $1 million, you can pay anywhere from 25% to 50% of your hard earned income in taxes. What is truly crazy is, you legally do not have too. We have 16 different, legal ways to reduce or defer income taxes owed this year to the IRS and state tax boards.

In addition, we can combine these strategies in 100s of different ways to dramatically lower your taxable income. If you were fortunate enough to earn $1 Million in income this year, congratulations. You now have a few choices.

You can…

  • Pay the tax bill of $250,000 to $500,000 (Ouch!), or 

  • Speak with your CPA, who will tell you how much you owe in taxes, or

  • Speak with your Financial Advisor, who will tell you how to invest what’s left after taxes, or

  • You can speak with a Tax Deferral Consultant from, who will tell you how to keep more of your hard earned money working for you!

We think the choice is clear. Why?

Because, we think a complete financial plan includes managing income, expenses, cash accounts, hard assets, and tax planning for the eventual sale of those assets in order to ensure your keep the maximum amount you are legally entitled to in your account, not Uncle Sam’s account.

That's where we come in. We are nationwide educators on the subject of Tax Deferral. We have training programs designed to teach Investment Advisors, Financial Planners, and CPAs how to do what we do. 


We are actually investors, just like you. The two main partners, Carl and Chris, have personally done over twenty four 1031 Exchanges between them. (the 1031 Exchange is just one of the 16 tools we use to reduce, defer, or eliminate taxes.)

We use the strategies that we recommend and vet our partners on their services and their ethics. If we wouldn’t use them, we won’t recommend them to you. 

In fact, the first thing we do is determine if you even need our services at all.

If we can save you enough on your tax bill in one complimentary conversation that you don’t need us, then that is a win/win. 

We are tax strategists and tax problem solvers. We have 16 legal tax reduction, tax deferral, and tax elimination options and add more every year. 

Investors get rich by learning how to invest. They stay rich by understanding how to reduce or defer taxes.

We teach investors like you how to keep what they’ve earned working for them!